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Why should you choose Happily Ever After?


What makes Happily Ever After special?

Happily Ever After has the highest quality characters and entertainers you will find here in Central Arkansas!

Many of our costumes are even hand-made by our owners and managers, Katie and Jess! This shows our dedication to our characters, creating an experience with lush gowns your child won't have anywhere else. We take great care in ensuring all of the details of our gowns, wigs, accessories, and shoes are all perfectly paired to each character.

Our performers are highly trained in character portrayal, vocal performance, and all aspects of character integrity. They will arrive in character, remain, and leave in character. We even have an in house vocal instructor for our performers to help grow their talents!

What makes Happily Ever After special?

Unlike other companies, Happily Ever After is focused on tailoring each individual interaction and experience with our characters. You may notice our characters even remember your child from previous events or parties they have attended! We make a special effort to make every child feel special and important.

We are proud of the fact that we have never missed a party or event booked with us. When you book with Happily Ever After, you can be sure that we will be there to make dreams for your little one. We even accommodate last minute events and parties as much as possible! We understand that life happens, but memories like the ones we create are unforgettable. 


Our Mission

At the end of the day, we are focused on serving our community. Happily Ever After provides personalized character services for many organizations, including Arkansas Children's Hospital. We provide services to ACH and many other charities completely free of charge.

We participate in monthly visits to Arkansas Children's Hospital, along with bedside visits as much as we can. We love getting to serve our community in this special way!

Hear what Emma Kate's family had to say after her special visit with our Ice Queen:

"When Emma Kate had to spend her birthday at ACH, her friends and families all rallied around her to call the Ice Queen to make her birthday super special. With lots of warm hugs, a beautiful tiara, and an official Princess Proclamation, the Ice Queen swooped in and saved Emma's birthday.

As her mom, I could not be more grateful to the team at HEA for making this special moment happen for her. She will forever be referred to as Princess Emma Kate (or at least, that's what she's been requesting!).

Thank you for coming to ACH. Thank you for making my little girl feel special. Thank you so much for sprinkling a little magic on my little princess." -Katy Sursa

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