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Mermaid Magic

Our Mermaids make every party or event a splash! Look below to find photos of our mermaids and bios of each unique mermaid character!

About Our
Mermaid Options

Our Mermaids are available in two different options, Poolside and Underwater.

Our Poolside Mermaids are carried into the event, sat on the poolside, and do their activities with their tail in the water, but most of their body on the outside of the pool. They are able to make magic on the poolside while your guests swim.

Our Underwater Mermaids are carried into the event, placed on the poolside, but may do underwater activities and fully submerge underwater. 


Little Mermaid

Our Little Mermaid is a classic for events and parties. Whether in her two dress options, her walking tail on land, or her poolside tail option, she is sure to make your child's dreams come true. Her story is famous around many, many kingdoms! Along with singing, some of her other favorite things include her collection of thingamamobs, human folk, and her fellow mermaids and sea creatures. She is a wonderful friend to mermaids and humans alike!

Due to the difficulties of our Little Mermaid's hair and ensemble, she is only available in our Poolside Option

Correlia the Mermaid

Correlia is a mermaid with a love for all things sparkle and fun! As princess of her kingdom of Aquatica, she loves to help others and go treasure hunting. Her and her best friend Nova are known for their silliness and love of mermaid magic. Correlia loves to tell stories of her mermaid adventures, treasure hunting with her pet shark, Minnow! She can often be seen at our public events, telling stories and creating joy for merfolk and humans of all ages with her magical, rainbow tail. 

Correlia makes every event a mermaid blast! 

Only Available in Poolside Option


Marella the Mermaid

Marella is princess and heir to the throne to her kingdom of Pacifica, and like her name, she is truly the star of the sea! Marella is kind, innovative, and always looking to discover new things that will help her people and their ocean, like all of her mermaid friends! Marella loves welcoming new merfolk to her kingdom, especially during the season of Kailani, Pacifica's celebration of the sea and sky!  She loves to swim with dolphins, tickle turtles, and prank call humans on her shell phone.


Marella would be delighted to meet your little mermaid, above or under the sea!

Both Poolside and Underwater Options Available

Thalia the Mermaid

Thalia the Sunset Chaser is a sassy, adventure loving mermaid! Thalia and her cousin Cersei advocate for the protection of marine wildlife and help educate humans on the harmful effects of pollution on our environment. She loves to travel the oceans of the world, making friends with everyone she meets, as well as teaching little ones about marine wildlife. Her travels have taken her to the Great Barrier Reef, the Arctic Ocean, the Kingdom of Pacifica, and even into the dark of the Marianna Trench.

Be warned though! Thalia is known to cause harmless mischief, sure to bring smiles to the faces of even the most stubborn of landfolk. Feisty, smart, and daring, Thalia is sure to make a splash at your next event!

Both Poolside and Underwater Options Available


Nova the Mermaid
Coming Soon!

Nova, the mermaid with a strong connection to the galaxies! A true shooting star, she shines bright with her personality! She's curious, fun, and loving. Unlike other mermaids, she wants to be where the stars are: swimming and flipping in the deep oceans of the sky. Invite her to make mermaid magic and splash in on the tide of your next birthday or mermaid event! She would be sure to make your event a cosmic blast! 

Only Available in Poolside Option

Cersei the Mermaid

Cersei is a fun loving mermaid with a deep passion for protecting our marine wildlife. She owns a Starfish Sanctuary and loves to advocate for protection of our coral reefs and starfish. She loves exploring new places and meeting new merfolk! Her best friend is her cousin, Thalia the Mermaid. She loves telling jokes, swimming with new friends, and talking about her passions for marine wildlife. Cersei is known for her bravery, tenacity, and kindness in her kingdom.

Cersei would love to make waves with you at your next event! See you soon, little guppies!

Both Poolside and Underwater Options Available

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